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Three Reasons Why Your Brand Must Partner With a Football Property & Leverage the FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is around the corner (14th June to 14th July 2018). For one month, Pakistan will be engulfed in a football craze. Everyone becomes a football fan and supports one team or the other.

According to FIFA reports, there were 14.9m unique viewers from Pakistan for the Brasil World Cup 2014, even though the games were played in the middle of the night during the month of Ramzan. The PTV football show – Kick Off – had the highest TVRs in that month, more than any Ramzan shows!

For the coming Russia World Cup the match start times vary between 5pm & 11pm PST and there are expected to be 25m+ unique viewers. From a marketing point of view, the one month of the World Cup will be bigger than the PSL for those few brands that have an actual association with the tournament.

In just the past two months an increasing number of brands have partnered with football players and teams in order to leverage their popularity & visibility during the WC.

Here is why you should partner with a football property before the World Cup starts.

  1. Elevate Brand Position by becoming the official partner of an elite football property (be it a player, national team or club team)

  2. Differentiate From The Clutter: NO ONE ELSE is doing it. Take advantage of this and become one of the few brands in Pakistan actually connected with a football property during the World Cup

  3. Provide Engaging Content: While your competitors make generic football ads, your billboards, TVCs and ads have actual players who are playing in the world cup

Do you want to become the brand that consumers follow, associate with & recall from the World Cup?

Comment below or drop me a line at wali@sportsconnect.org for more details.

You can also reach out to me on twitter (@FootballKhilari)


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