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Sports & Social Media: 5 things sports properties can learn from AS Roma, Kanye & Zlatan

In April we had the four European Champions League (CL) quarter finals. The second legs of three games were epic. Roma beat Barcelona in one of the greatest comebacks in CL history. Juventus almost did the same against Real Madrid, while Liverpool destroyed Manchester City 5-1 over two legs. Bayern Munich won the fourth quarterfinal, a relatively straight forward one-sided game. The social media accounts of all these football clubs were churning out real time content. Of the four match winners, Roma won the content/social media game hands down, as can be seen in the below table.

How come Roma, with ~3 times less followers (reach) than Bayern, 6 times less than Liverpool & 19 times less than Madrid had a staggering 185 times, 11 times and 16 times more engagement (retweets & likes) than the three clubs, respectively? Differentiated, fun & engaging content!